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Racism in NJ Real Estate…What Would You Do?

As a HUMAN BEING 1st and an African-American Real Estate Agent 2nd; I have found that just like everything else racism in Real Estate does exist. I have seen many things and been in situations where I felt very uncomfortable and trust me that’s not a great feeling. I cannot say that I blame my triumphs and tragedies on Racism but I will say that all of us no matter our race, creed, color, national origin or sexual orientation have experienced some type of racism.  I remember being apart of an office that clearly did not want a certain race of people to work with them; as it somehow tainted the appearance of the office.  I roughed it out for as long as I could and found a new home some place else.   I think that there are great people and terrible ones in all races and we need to judge the man or women by their individual character and NOT there race.

I want you to watch the following video; it was a documentary done titled “what would you do”  as a documentary created by Channel 7 ABC produced by Andrea Fleischer which is about an obviously racist Real estate agent displaying blatant racism to certain races.  Check it out! its pretty interesting.

Pretty interesting huh? what would you do?

No matter what you feel after watching the video; it remains to be seen how we would all react in the same or similar type of situation.  Lets LIVE & LOVE!!! and erase those color lines.


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